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"Working with Marty was a brilliantly organic, collaborative experience. He was able to create the perfect tracks in a swift turn around time. It allowed me to incorporate the music into our film in advance which helped so much with the vision of the project."

Hope Dickson Leach, Director


There’s no doubt Marty is an extremely accomplished musician, but he also understands the importance of the visual in a theatrical experience. He knows when music should serve and when it should soar - and he deftly enables both. No doubt these are some of the reasons he also makes such a fine MD. He cares deeply about the product and is a wonderful collaborator to have at your side.

Craig Illot, Theatre Director

"Marty's film scores get to the emotional core of the story unfolding on screen and help us to understand it.  They clarify and bring into sharp focus the interior lives of the characters whose journeys we are following, and help us to laugh and to cry."

Carolynne Sinclair Kidd, Hopscotch Films

"Working with Marty was immensely fun and fruitful.  He is a true storyteller, reinforcing the narrative with confident music cues as well as bestowing sophisticated nuance in fine detail.  He is also extremely comfortable across genres, allowing invaluable cross-pollination of ideas and themes to percolate throughout his work."

Siri Rødnes, Director

"It was a pleasure working with you on the soundtrack to LOGAN HIGH. I like that you came up with clear ideas for the music straight away, and were able to get on with it.  Your music was bold and distinctive enough to give the programme a sense of its own world - which is what we’re always looking for in a soundtrack.  Thank you!"

Annie Griffin, Director

"When we hit some legal hurdles with the score of our film No Song to Sing, I knew exactly who to turn to.  Marty is such a versatile and thorough musician.  He works very quickly and bends all musical conventions to his will with total ease. It's rare to find such a consummate musician who is equally adept as producer in the studio.  He took a very generic synthetic karaoke backing track and completely rebuilt it into something deeply poignant and resonant with the themes of our story."

Ewen Bremner, Producer/Actor

Marty is a gifted musician and composer with A-grade production chops & an incredible sounding studio. He’s a true virtuoso on the guitar with a Knopfler-esque touch - some of the coolest playing you’ll hear. Marty is the consummate professional, he loves his job and is a complete joy to work with."

Evan Buist, Managing Director, Melodie Publishing

"Marty is a genuine, honest composer who tackles every project with care and attention.  He is clearly rooted in live recording and authentic production.  He is a melody maker, composing strong themes, beautiful hooks and always delivering high quality music.  He is also a great team player and I would recommend him as part of any production team.  Oh and he’s a really lovely man, bringing a smile and a positive attitude into every session."

Ollie Raphael, Director Delicious Digital

“Marty brings his talent as a performer and his musical expertise with his love of cinema to any project we collaborate on.  Whether it’s a short theme, a trailer score or ideas for full length documentaries he’ll combine his own style with a pushing of boundaries to find the perfect accompaniment for the story and pictures”

Gavin Turnbull, Producer/Director GTMP Productions

"Marty Hailey is an ongoing utter pleasure to work with - so exciting to collaborate with such expertise in both musicianship and production skill.  Imaginative, adaptive and each session such a productive and quality joy."

Jamie Catto, 1GiantLeap

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Workhorse Theatre - The Motherfucker With The Hat (Darlinghurst Theatre 2014): "Composer and sound designer Marty Hailey is responsible for the urgent pulse that drives us from one explosive scene to another. His music is a metaphysical representation of the story’s progression, and a perfectly executed dimension of the show that finds beautiful harmony with its more tangible elements.” - Sydney Theatre Review

La Clique (Leicester Square 2019/20): “The Best Band Since The Muppet Show” - The Times

Cath Alcorn - Nothing But A Song (Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2014): "The musical arrangements, of songs by Florence And The Machine, David Bowie and Lana Del Rey among others, are some of the most creative we’ve seen all festival.” - Adelaide Advertiser

Le Gateau Chocolat - ICONS (Edinburgh Fringe 2018): "Hits are slowed down, a spiritual hymn and a ballad from Wicked will pierce your soul and heart, the Madonna marathon will delight you and it’s impossible not to sing along with How Will I Know! Although the gardens outside are noisy, in the tent you can hear a pin drop during the ballads. Backed by two excellent musicians, (the Meatloaf tribute is another highlight!), This is an artist at the height of his powers.” - British Theatre

The I Hate Children Children’s Show (Adelaide Fringe 2018): "Dabek and musical genius Marty Hailey have revamped the show into a rock opera stage show perfect for parents and children who love kick-butt rock band music.  Paul has written a host of new songs with Marty Hailey who works internationally as a composer, producer and musician, performing on Broadway, in Las Vegas, across the UK, Australia and the South Pacific. Marty has worked with the likes of David Campbell (Adelaide boy! For seven years), Human Nature, Paul Mac and Le Gateau Chocolate.” - Play & Go Adelaide



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