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Marty Hailey works internationally as a composer, producer and musician.  He has performed on The West End, on Broadway, in Las Vegas, across the UK, Europe, Australia and the South Pacific. He has over 20 years experience in the music industry, has made over 70 records and produced and engineered countless single sessions.  In 2018 Marty was nominated as Rock producer of the year at the IMAs in New York City.


Marty is an award winning composer who has written and produced soundtracks for broadcast, independent film and the stage. Working from his studio in Edinburgh, Metro 13 Music HQ, previous clients have included BBC TV and Radio, Discovery Channel, Hopscotch Films, Arpeggio Pictures, Infinite Content, Baille Gifford, Pirate Productions, GNWTV and The Gate Worldwide. His performance and recording credits feature a diverse range of names in international music: from Jimmy Somerville to Human Nature; Ireland's Ronan Keating to Senegal's Pape Mbaye.   Marty is the musical director for international cabaret sensation Le Gateau Chocolat, The I Hate Children Children’s Show from San Francisco and punk cabaret outfit The Little Death Club.  Marty was musical director for La Clique's return to London's West End in 2019.


A dedicated professional session musician who plays electric and acoustic guitars, lapsteel, banjo and mandolin, Marty is also a talented arranger and producer for small and large ensembles and recording projects; regularly scoring for brass, string quartets and small chamber groups.


Marty uses Ernie Ball Strings and Roland Electronics.  Contact Marty or Metro 13 here.  Production music through can be found here

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